Red Fruit and Orange Mousse Cake on Brownie Base ~ Berry Wreath Entremet Recipe


Unlock your inner dessert artist this Christmas! Join our workshop and learn to create a stunning dessert table centerpiece – a Christmas wreath filled with delectable flavors. Dive into a world of recipes, including dark chocolate brownies, red fruit mousse, cherry crémeux, orange mousse, microwave sponges, and cherry chocolate mirror glaze. The best part? You’re free to choose your own mold, giving you endless possibilities to showcase your creativity. Don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance and share your delightful creations with our community using #sweetartworkshop on Social Media. Let’s make any holiday season extra sweet!


Love Christmas wreaths? Imagine crafting one for your dessert table! Be the star of your gathering with a homemade masterpiece that’s bursting with delightful flavors.

Join our workshop and unlock these fantastic recipes:

  • Dark chocolate Brownie
  • Red fruit mousse
  • Cherry crémeux
  • Orange mousse
  • Microwave sponges
  • Cherry chocolate mirror glaze

Get creative – choose your own mold and let your imagination run wild! We provide inspiration and step-by-step guidance.

Have a blast and reach out if you need any help or tweaks. We’re eager to see your unique creations and build a community of fellow dessert artists like you!

Tag your work on Social Media with #sweetartworkshop.

Here are some molds and equipment used to create this recipe:


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