Greetings to all you, wonderful creators! For those who don’t know me — I am a pastry designer who believes in magic and the power of inspiration. I’ve decided to share the materials of all those years of experiments, workshops and creative endeavors adjusted and combined in such a way that anyone could use them. Not only use as usual recipes but to create a database of different flavors and textures and gain skills and freedom combining them in order to make their own pastry art.

All recipes are adapted to a home kitchen with a little exception — I still provide names of the molds and ingredients I used to create a particular dessert — however, I must encourage you to try using whatever you already have in your kitchen and have fun with it. There are no strict rules in my kitchen. It’s more like a playground I would like to share with those who are ready to play.

My main goal is to inspire you to create your own magic and show you the ways to make it easier.

And last but not least, a little advice from the alchemist — always infuse everything you do with your own vibe. Use it as your own personal secret ingredient as nothing is alive without a soul.

Come along on the journey of pastry art with me. Indulge in your own creativity and be free in whatever you do.

Yours truly,