How to order a recipe?

🍰 Ready to Recreate Deliciousness? Here’s How!

👉 Find your desired recipe on our website or Instagram account. If you spot a delectable dessert on Social Media that’s not in our store, send your request to [email protected].

🛒 Add all your favorite recipes to your shopping bag, and hit the checkout button. Patrons and Gift Card shoppers, don’t forget to use your discount coupon code!

📧 Keep an eye on your email, as we’ll send you a letter with all the recipe links!

💾 Download the files.

👓 Read through the recipes thoroughly, ensuring a perfect grasp of the instructions.

❓ Have any questions? Check out Tips&Tricks and Q&A sections on our website. Reach out via social media or email if you can’t find the answer – we’re here to help!

👩‍🍳 Now, follow the instructions in the recipe file. No need to panic! If anything seems unclear, take a moment to re-read and understand the steps.

🌟 Be patient and remember, you’re crafting a masterpiece!

🎉 Enjoy the creative process and share your delectable delights with others! Tag your work with @sweetartworkshop on social media and get featured on @marijacrow’s account. Happy creating! 🎉

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Send us your feedback. Your opinion is important!