Can I use a different mold than mentioned in the recipe?

Yes, in every recipe we provide the exact volume of the mold used to make the dessert you see in the picture, however, it does not mean you have to stick to that exact shape and the mold itself. If you already have another mold and want to use it just recalculate every ingredient of the main recipe by using this formula:

m1 / V1 * V2 = m2

where m1 is the amount of ingredient in the recipe in grams or milliliters, V1 – the volume of the mold mentioned in the recipe, and V2 is the volume of the mold you would like to use. m2 is the amount of ingredient you will need to take in order to use your mold.

Please, keep in mind that the given formula only helps you to recalculate the main volume of the mold, not taking into consideration the volume of insertions and/or bases.