Mandarin Mousse and Rose Water Dessert – Aigre-Doux Recipe


Spring Collection

For those who love citruses, this bittersweet delight is a true gift. If you are new to this kind of art, you may find it a bit tricky to make, but so easy to enjoy!

With this workshop recipe file you get the following recipes:

  • Chocolate brownie
  • Mandarin mousse
  • Rosewater jelly
  • Mirror glaze
Don’t forget that you can use any mold you want, we just give you the idea and directions to recreate what you see in the picture!


Have fun playing and don’t forget to get in touch for assistance and/or adjustments! By the way, we are always curious and so excited to get photos of your creations. Your support and cooperation help us build a community of such creative souls as yourself!

Use #sweetartworkshop to tag your work on Social Media.

Purchase molds and equipment used to create this recipe:


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