Orange Mango Crémeux with Berry Mousse on Pistachio Base ~ La Alegria Desserts Recipe


Why limit your creative baking to just one holiday season? Join our workshop and unlock a world of sweet possibilities. With our recipe file, you’ll learn to make pistachio joconde, berry mousse, orange mango crémeux, pistachio microwave sponge, and mirror glaze.

You’re not limited to specific molds; let your imagination run wild! We’re here for support, and we can’t wait to see your creations. Share your creation with #sweetartworkshop on social media to get featured. Ready to get started?


You know, we typically whip up these delightful and playful treats for Easter (probably because they resemble adorable nests!)But why confine your culinary creativity to just one holiday? Embrace the springtime vibes all year by crafting these cuties in the comfort of your own kitchen. Let’s savor the flavors of life!

When you snag this workshop recipe file, here’s the delectable lineup you’ll be diving into:

  1. Pistachio Joconde
  2. Berry mousse
  3. Orange-mango crémeux
  4. Pistachio microwave sponge
  5. Mirror glaze

And here’s the best part: You’re not bound to any specific molds. We’re here to spark your imagination and provide step-by-step guidance to recreate the deliciousness you see in the picture!

So, go ahead and have a blast experimenting, and remember, we’re just a message away if you need any assistance or tweaks. Oh, and we’re positively thrilled to see snapshots of your edible masterpieces! Your support and collaboration help us foster a vibrant community of creative souls like yourself.

Don’t forget to share your culinary journey with the world using #sweetartworkshop on social media.


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