Raspberry Mousse with Vanilla Heart on Linzer Base ~ L’Aube Framboise Dessert Recipe

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Experience the magic of Raspberry Mousse Delight: raspberry mousse with a hint of vanilla on a dark chocolate Linzer cookie base.

Get our workshop recipe file for a range of sweet creations, plus the freedom to use any mold. Join our creative community!

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Indulge in the delectable world of desserts with our Raspberry Mousse Delight!

Picture this: a luscious raspberry mousse with a hint of delicate vanilla nestled atop a crispy dark chocolate Linzer cookie base. It’s the sweet memory of summer encapsulated in each bite.

When you grab our workshop recipe file, you’re not just getting a single recipe; you’re unlocking a treasure trove of sweet creations:

  1. Linzer Cookie Base
  2. Raspberry Mousse
  3. White Chocolate Creamy Ganache
  4. Mirror Glaze

And here’s the sweet part: you can let your creativity run wild! Use any mold that tickles your fancy. We’re here to provide inspiration and step-by-step guidance so you can recreate the magic you see in the picture.

Now, let the fun begin! Play, experiment, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a helping hand or want to tweak things to perfection. We’re all about community, and we’d love to see your masterpiece. Share your creations with us because your support helps us foster a community of fellow dessert enthusiasts like you.

Don’t forget to use #sweetartworkshop to tag your culinary masterpieces on social media for a chance to get featured. Let’s get baking!

2 reviews for Raspberry Mousse with Vanilla Heart on Linzer Base ~ L’Aube Framboise Dessert Recipe

  1. petranieuwenweg (verified owner)

    Great dessert, not too difficult to make, the flavours are perfect together and it looks fantastic, one sidenote, with the linzbase i added 1extra eggyolk because it was a little too dry otherwise

    • Marija Crow

      Thank you very much for the review! I’m glad you liked it. I’ve actually always wondered whether it’s better to give the exact quantities in grams…Guess you’ve just answered my question 😉

  2. Ana maria Burcut (verified owner)

    Great desert! We loved it!

    • Marija Crow

      We are happy to know! And even happier to remind you that you can have one more recipe for free. Send your request to [email protected]

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