Thank you for supporting the studio!

I highly appreciate the financial donation you’ve made to my pastry art studio. Your contribution helps me and my team to work on new designs and recipes as well as online guidance. I am extremely grateful for your help and support! I and my team will do our best to meet your expectations and provide the best service in order to achieve our main goal.

I personally will do my best to keep the content flowing in abundance adding more recipes and how-tos with a high standard of quality and creativity. Although I don’t have any intent to make any profit from selling actual desserts, usually I give them away right after a photo shoot. However, I would love to be able to show and share my work and people like yourself make it all possible. I would love to continue sharing recipes providing tools and assistance to those who are willing to gain skills and use them by expressing themselves artistically. It is so much more than giving someone a cake, don’t you think?

I am totally dedicated to the idea of combining pastry art with my spiritual work. Again, thank you for your generosity and support,

Marija Crow