Red Currants and Cream Puff Pastry Tartlets ~ Harlequin Recipe

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Craving a break from the daily grind? Our tartelettes are your ticket to kitchen fun—from baking to indulging. We even turned them into a tic-tac-toe game!

Inside your workshop recipe file, you’ll discover a delightful range, including Chocolate Linzer, White Chocolate Whipped Cream, Red Currant Crémeux, Puff Pastry, and an optional red velvet coating.

Got questions or want to customize? We’ve got your back.

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Tired of the daily grind, full of stress and chaos? Well, these tartlets are here to inject some fun into your life—from whipping them up to savoring every delightful bite. Heck, we’ve even turned them into a game of tic-tac-toe!

What’s inside your workshop recipe file? Here’s the mouthwatering lineup:

1. Chocolate Linzer
2. White Chocolate Whipped Cream
3. Red Currant Crémeux
4. Puff Pastry
(And you can request a red velvet coating too!)

But it doesn’t stop there! We’re all about having a blast in the kitchen. Need a helping hand or want to tweak things a bit? Just reach out, and we’ve got your back. Plus, we’re all ears when it comes to seeing your culinary masterpieces. Your support and creativity are building a vibrant community of kindred spirits just like you!

Don’t forget to share your edible artwork on social media with #sweetartworkshop for a chance to be in the spotlight.


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