Mango & Orange Mousse Dessert with Vanilla Cream on Pistachio Financier – Spring Mimosa

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Spring Collection

Some things can really be a nice combination of simplicity and extravagance. Let’s share the beauty and sweetness of spring vibes and dive into its freshness at any time of the year!

With this workshop recipe file you get the following recipes:

  • Orange & Mango Mousse
  • Vanilla White Chocolate Cream
  • Pistachio Financier
    (yellow velvet coating on request!)
Don’t forget that you can use any mold you want, we just give you the idea and directions to recreate what you see in the picture!


Have fun playing and don’t forget to get in touch for assistance and/or adjustments! By the way, we are always curious and so excited to get the photos of your creations. Your support and cooperation help us build a community of such creative souls as yourself!

Use #sweetartworkshop to tag your work on Social Media.

Purchase molds and equipment used to create this recipe:

4 reviews for Mango & Orange Mousse Dessert with Vanilla Cream on Pistachio Financier – Spring Mimosa

  1. sanjeevroshi

    Can’t wait to try the scrumptious desserts. It ties all My favorite flavors into one beautiful looking dessert.

    • Marija Crow

      Happy to know! Don’t forget that you can also try any other recipe for free after you try this one and leave a review!

  2. sanjeevroshi

    My understanding was if I leave a review I get to try a recipe for free.

  3. sanjeevroshi

    How do I try it?

    • Marija Crow

      Yes, you only receive one free recipe after you buy and try any other one. The offer “buy one-get two” is valid until September.

  4. sanjeevroshi

    They you need to rephrase the misleading message. Please include purchase one. Write a review and get another one free.

    • Marija Crow

      The message states “after you try it” and you cannot possibly try it without purchasing or getting it any other way.

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