Cherry Compote Dessert with Orange Crémeux and Chocolate Sable ~ Holiday Candles Dessert Recipe

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After the winter holidays, keep the festive spirit alive with our seasonal dessert masterpiece!

Create your own holiday show-stopper with our workshop recipe file, featuring recipes for Cherry Compote, Orange Crémeux, Chocolate Sable, and Red Glaze.

Let your creativity shine using any mold you like, and we’re here to assist and adjust as needed.

Join our creative community by sharing your sweet creations with #sweetartworkshop on social media to get featured.


After the biggest winter holiday, what’s the best way to keep the festive spirit alive? It’s all about indulging in the dessert of the season! Our mission was to craft a show-stopping centerpiece for your dessert table, and guess what? We’ve nailed it! Now, we’re thrilled to share this fantastic recipe with you, so you can create your own holiday masterpiece whenever you please.

In this workshop recipe file, you’ll find a treasure trove of delectable recipes:

  1. Cherry Compote
  2. Orange Crémeux
  3. Chocolate Sable
  4. Red Glaze

But here’s the exciting part: You can let your creativity run wild and use any mold you like. We’re just here to provide you with inspiration and step-by-step instructions to help you recreate the delicious masterpiece you see in the picture!

Get ready to have a blast in the kitchen, and remember, we’re just a message away if you need any assistance or want to make adjustments to the recipes. We’re not just sharing recipes; we’re building a community of passionate and creative dessert enthusiasts just like you!

Share your sweet creations with us using #sweetartworkshop on social media to get featured.


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