Beach Theme Exotic Peach and Papaya Almond Cake – Le Rivage Recipe

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Bring a taste of the exotic to your home kitchen with our workshop recipe file.

You’ll get a variety of recipes, from white chocolate mousse to mirror glaze and more.

Join our creative community, share your delicious masterpieces on social media using #sweetartworkshop, and get featured.

Happy baking! 🍰🌴🌞


Looking to add a touch of exotic indulgence to your life without leaving your kitchen? Say hello to your very own dessert beach getaway!

With this workshop recipe file, you’ll unlock a world of delectable creations, including:

  1. White Chocolate Mousse
  2. Pear and Papaya Compote
  3. Mirror Glaze
  4. Almond Dacquoise
  5. Peach Mousseline
  6. Almond Crunch
  7. Crumble Border (Cake Crown) (Velvet Coating Texture on Request!)

Let your culinary imagination run wild, and remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Need assistance or want to customize a recipe? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Plus, we’re all ears and taste buds for photos of your marvelous creations. Join our community of fellow dessert enthusiasts.

Share your sweet masterpieces on social media using #sweetartworkshop to be featured.


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