Winter Dessert and Cake Recipes Collection Bundle


Get all winter holiday recipes in one bundle and celebrate to the fullest!

Features 4 cakes, 14 individual desserts, and 2 choux pastry recipes.

With this workshop recipe bundle .zip file you get the following recipes:

  1. Crispy Choux Puffs with Pistachio Mascarpone Chantilly on Chocolate Sablé Breton with Pistachio Mousseline and Orange Caramel ~ Pistachio St.Honore Desserts
  2. Crispy Choux Puffs with Mascarpone Orange Ganache, Lemon Jelly, Chocolate Crémeux and Chocolate Sable ~ Petite Phalaenopsis Profiteroles
  3. Pomegranate Crémeux with White Chocolate Cream Heart on Flourless Brownie ~ Velvet Edda
  4. Black Currant and Cranberry Mousse with Chocolate Crémeux on Chocolate Brownie ~ La Facilité Desserts
  5. White Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry and Orange Insertions on Flourless Chocolate Brownie Base ~ Le Carrousel
  6. Ginger Chocolate Mousse with Cranberry Crémeux on Chocolate Linzer Cookies ~ Christmas Bauble Desserts
  7. Pistachio Mousse with Cranberry Crémeux on Pistachio Joconde ~ Christmas Trees Dessert Recipe
  8. Orange Crémeux Christmas Baubles on Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Cream on Flourless Prune Brownie ~ Snowdrift Dessert
  9. Coconut Crémeux with Green Grapes Pâte de Fruit on Coconut Joconde ~ Lo Estro Dessert
  10. Chocolate Mousse with Aronia Crémeux and Orange Insertion on Brownie Base ~ La Fantasie
  11. Cranberry Mousse Dessert with Orange Crémeux and Chocolate Sable ~ White Holiday Trees
  12. Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Crémeux and Chocolate Ganache on Green Walnut Brownie ~ El Momento Dessert
  13. Peanut Butter Crémeux with Vanilla Cream on Chocolate Joconde ~ Arakido Desserts
  14. Chocolate Mousse with Orange Bavarois Cream on Fig Brownie ~ Gloria Desserts
  15. Cherry Compote Dessert with Orange Crémeux and Chocolate Sable ~ Holiday Candles Dessert
  16. Coconut Apricot and Cranberry Dessert with White Chocolate – Sleigh Ride
  17. Almond Joconde with Cranberry Gelee on Coconut Dacquoise ~ White Christmas Entremet
  18. Orange Mousse and Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Ganache and Cranberry Crumble on Almond Brownie ~ Holiday Log Cake
  19. Mascarpone Mousse with Orange Jelly and Orange Crémeux on Dark Chocolate Brownie ~ Orange Frullato Entremet 
  20. Blueberry, Lemon Curd and Meringue Cake – Frozen Entremet

Have fun playing and don’t forget to get in touch for assistance and/or adjustments! By the way, we are always curious and excited to get photos of your creations. Your support and cooperation help us build a community of creative souls like yourself!

Use #sweetartworkshop to tag your work on Social Media.

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Winter Dessert and Cake Recipes Collection Bundle
+Red Fruit and Orange Mousse Cake on Brownie Base ~ Berry Wreath Entremet
+Cherry Crémeux with Spiced Chocolate and Salted Caramel on Popcorn Base ~ Éclectique Desserts
+Spring Dessert and Cake Recipes Collection Bundle
Winter Dessert and Cake Recipes Collection Bundle
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