Romantic Dessert and Cake Recipes Bundle


When all you need is some romance and lots of sweet love you make these!

Features 2 cakes, 10 individual desserts, and 3 choux pastry recipes.

With this workshop recipe bundle you get the following recipes:

  1. Mascarpone Mousse with Berries Compote and Dark Chocolate Mousse on Flourless Brownie ~ Nocturne Entremet
  2. Raspberry Mousse and Pistachio Ganache Cake on Chocolate Financier – Siempre
  3. Melting Heart Desserts ~ Raspberry Mousse with Chocolate Heart on Fancy Chocolate Brownie
  4. Rose Lemon Mascarpone Desserts – L’Élégie
  5. Strawberry Mousse and Cream Dessert – Fraises Nues
  6. Raspberry Mousse with Vanilla Heart on Linzer Base – L’Aube Framboise Dessert
  7. Red Berries Mousse Dessert with Rose Water – La Fleur d’Eva
  8. Strawberry and Cream Eclairs
  9. Raspberry and Chocolate Eclairs
  10. Raspberry Eclairs with Meringue and Crisp Chocolate
  11. Mascarpone Mousse with Raspberry Pâte de Fruit on Chocolate Linzer ~ La Promesse
  12. Blueberry Mousse with Chocolate Crémeux on Chocolate Brownie ~ Blueberry Heart
  13. White Chocolate Mousse with Pomegranate Caviar on Pomegranate Brownie ~ Sweetheart Desserts
  14. Rosehip Mousse with Hibiscus Insertion on Milk Chocolate Brownie ~ Rosalie Desserts
  15. Strawberry Mousse with Rosewater and White Chocolate Cream on Lemon Financier ~ Le Bouquet Dessert

Have fun playing and don’t forget to get in touch for assistance and/or adjustments! By the way, we are always curious and excited to get photos of your creations. Your support and cooperation help us build a community of creative souls like yourself!

Use #sweetartworkshop to tag your work on Social Media.

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