Autumn Dessert and Cake Recipes Collection Bundle


Get all autumnal recipes in one bundle and enjoy the fall season to the fullest!

Features 4 cakes, 13 individual desserts, and 3 choux pastry recipes.

With this workshop recipe bundle .zip file you get the following recipes:

  1. Chocolate Choux Pastry with Hazelnut Whipped Ganache, Apple Compote, Chocolate Sable and Hazelnut Sponge ~ Paris Brest Grunge
  2. Lemon Pie Eclairs with Lemon Curd, Italian Meringue and Grapefruit Ganache
  3. Lime and Meringue Eclairs
  4. Lemon Cardamom and Pistachio Sheet Cake Desserts
  5. Cranberry and Chocolate Mousse with Sea Buckthorn Crémeux on Chocolate Brownie ~ Irony Dessert
  6. Apple Compote with Rose Petals and Lemon Zest and Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ganache, Brownie and Meringues ~ La Duchesse Tartelettes
  7. Black Currant Mousse, Yellow Plum Mousse with Fresh Plums and Flourless Chocolate Brownie ~ The Web
  8. Apple Compote, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Pecan Dark Chocolate Brownie Sheet Cake Desserts~ La Précision
  9. Honey Saffron Poached Pear Tartelettes with Chocolate Caramel and Hazelnut Whipped Ganache
  10. Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse on Chocolate Brownie Base with Fresh Pomegranate Seeds ~ The Ruby Island Dessert
  11. Pumpkin Mousse, Cranberry Compote and Flourless Almond Brownie Modern Cupcakes
  12. Orange, Cranberries and Pumpkin Autumn Season Verrines
  13. Granny Smith Apple Dessert with Caramel and Walnut Sable – Apcubique
  14. Grape Mousse and Raspberry Dessert on Almond Thyme Joconde – Perpetua
  15. Red Grape Wine Mousse and Financier Dessert with Citrus Heart – Zinfandel
  16. Persimmon Tarts with Black Macarons
  17. Grape Mousse and Apple Mousse Cake on Chocolate Financier Base ~ The Vines Entremet
  18. Orange Mousse, Apple and Cranberry Compote and Hazelnut Dacquoise on Hazelnut Brownie ~ Autumn Entremet
  19. Pumpkin Honey Mousse, Cranberry Crémeux, Puffed Rice Chocolate Caramel Crunch, and Chocolate Brownie Cake ~ Metamorphosis Entremet 
  20. Apple and Caramel Hazelnut Cake – Regalos de otoño

Have fun playing and don’t forget to get in touch for assistance and/or adjustments! By the way, we are always curious and excited to get photos of your creations. Your support and cooperation help us build a community of creative souls like yourself!

Use #sweetartworkshop to tag your work on Social Media.

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Autumn Collection Recipes Bundle ~ Dessert Recipes for Awesome Fall Season
+Sea Buckthorn Crémeux with Milk Chocolate Mousse on Brownie Base ~ La Ripresa Dessert
+Sacher Torte Desserts ~ Apricot Dark Chocolate Brownie Sheet Cake
+Winter Dessert and Cake Recipes Collection Bundle
Autumn Collection Recipes Bundle ~ Dessert Recipes for Awesome Fall Season
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